The Behavioural Leadership Workshop consists of five lessons and seven topics. The average time to complete the course is two hours. Why not give it a try and see what you can learn.


The Root Cause Observation System (RootCOS) is a hazard awareness program which crosses the divide between behavioural safety and process safety. The success of RootCOS is down to the ability to blame the hazard and not the person. Why not try it out?


Get the most out of the Behavioural Leadership training and Hazard Observation Program by using our Safety Advisors at your workplace. All our Safety Advisors are qualified and experienced in working in the Oil and Gas Industry and are certified in Behavioural Leadership.

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Behavioural Leadership Workshop

The workshop completes the RootCOS training, enabling employees to identify certain behaviours in the workplace. The learning from the workshop can be applied to any behavioural safety observation program. Contact us for more information…

See your Return of Investment

Your return of investment can be seen in different ways. First and foremost, your employees will have a better understanding of what behavioural leadership is, resulting in a better educated employee who can apply the learnings at work. Secondly your employees will provide feedback indicating improvement opportunities which may not only make the workplace safer but also more enjoyable to work in. Finally these improvements can save companies money plus the training can be held online, meaning that there are no travel or accommodation costs, and your employees can take the workshop when it is most convienient.

RootCOS is the Next Generation Observation Program

Safety Roots ‘Root Cause Observation System’ is designed to identify hazards in the workplace, using the different safety tools already in use. The main element in the program, which makes it successful, is that it educates employees on hazard awareness and blames the hazard and not the employee. In certain cultures the different reporting tools do not work because employees condem them as tools to report on each other (even when they are not) however with RootCOS the culprit is always the hazard.

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Why not take advantage of Safety Roots generous offer and buy the RootCOS training modules for your employees and get the Behavioural Leadership Workshop thrown in for free?

Safety Root Advisers Just Know more

Safety Root provides professional HSE personnel who have gone through the Safety Root training, making them more alligned with what Safety Root has to offer. Safety Root prides itself in hiring some of the most experienced offshore safety personnel in the industry. Fed up with your current provider? Why not put us to the test!

Safety Attitude

Every person has an attitude toward safety. There are four levels of attitude commonly found. All attitudes belong to people who either comply or believe LEVEL 1: Complies with Safety because it’s convenient I know I am supposed to use the handrail, but if I do I’ll have to make two trips to get all […]

Risk Perception

Risk Perception is the judgment that people make about the characteristics and severity of a risk. As individuals we all have different perceptions of Risk. There are many factors that influence our perceptions. Factors such as; where we were born, how we were raised, our education, and life experiences, to name a few. Much of […]