“We Have a Great Safety Culture Here”

How many times have you heard this phrase? Do you know what a great safety culture is? 

“We Have a Great Safety Culture Here!”

“There are different definitions of Safety Culture, my favourite being “It’s what we do around here”, however, is it appropriate or is there a better definition based on critical thinking and research? What do the critical thinkers say? What have they produced in the way of research?” Why not read “We Have a Great Safety Culture Here” by J. McFeely

What Problem Does "Safety Culture" solve?

The biggest problem organisations have in implementing a safety management system is getting buy-in from everyone who is meant to be protected by the system in place. There are many reasons why people don’t buy into safety management systems. For example, the systems might not be practical or reasonable, perhaps employees are ignorant of the systems in place or perhaps the systems are just badly designed. A Learning Safety Culture can highlight required changes in the system, through the feedback of the worker at the coal face. A good safety culture is one where people are happy to follow and improve the safety systems in place.

Whats the Difference Between a Safety Culture and a Safety Climate?

The priority placed on safety and the extent to which people accept personal responsibility for safety in an organisation are embodied in safety culture. As a shared value of safety, safety culture is sometimes defined as an organisation’s “personality.” Meanwhile, a safety climate is described as an organisations mood. Safety culture is formed over time, whilst a safety climate represents a snapshot of perceptions at a single point in time.

How do you Decipher a Safety Climate?

There are many different tools we can use to decipher a safety culture. The best way is to use several, so that a more precise climate can be forecasted.

So How Can Safety Root Help?

Safety Root can help organisations decide what kind of safety culture they want to foster and provide workshops for management and employees to help everyone get on the same page. The workshops can be held virtually or on location. Safety Root can also provide coaches to monitor and improve or maintain  the desired safety culture.

Benefits of A Learning Culture

  1. It improves employee morale and motivation.
  2. It challenges rigid opinions and behaviors.
  3. It instils a “growth mindset” in your employees. 
  4. It gives your organization a “growth mindset” too.
  5. It prepares the organization, as a whole, for change.
  6. It helps everyone keep pace with rapid changes in technology.
  7. Learning can increase productivity. 
  8. It prepares talented individuals for “the next step.”
  9. The long-term ROI is huge.

Why Choose Us

We have the same goals as our clients. We want to help organisations realise their true worth and educate organisations on how to do it safer. Our greatest pleasure is seeing crews improve their safety culture and gaining the benefits of being part of a learning culture.


Mutual Trust




Involvement & Support




Personal Responsibility


Safety Leadership


Our mission is to partner with companies and help them identify and improve their safety culture, improving the health, safety and welfare of their employees. In achieving this, our mission is to help companies improve their performance, decrease the cost of safety issues and improve their return of investment.


Our vision is simple, we have an opportunity to make a difference to organisations, through sharing our knowledge with business partners. We foresee opportunities where problems exist. Opportunities, to provide solutions which can change lives as well as improve organisational performance. Our vision sees a time in the future where we become the preferred business partner because of our ability to care and influence teams.


Individually, and as a Company, we value health, safety, employee wellbeing and the environment. Family is the most important value we have, and being able to go to work to provide for them and return home to enjoy family life is why we have values like this.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are The Workshops Available Online?

Yes. Since the lockdowns during Covid 19, people have got used to working from home through the internet. We can host workshops online, saving on travel, hotels etc.


What's in it for the Workers ?

Having a Learning Safety Culture benefits everyone who adds to the safety culture. Working at an organisation that has a learning Safety Culture improves the working conditions for everyone

“The way we do things around here”

“I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)


What is Involved in a Workshop ?

The workshops are based on the book “We Have a Great Safety Culture Here” A copy of which will be given to every participitant. 


What's in it for the Organisation ?

An organisation that promotes a learning safety culture is able to improve performance and is more likely to keep employees, whilst improving the quality of their services.