Every person has an attitude toward safety. There are four levels of attitude commonly found. All attitudes belong to people who either comply or believe

LEVEL 1: Complies with Safety because it’s convenient

  • I know I am supposed to use the handrail, but if I do I’ll have to make two trips to get all this gear down. It’s only a few steps and nobody’s watching.  I am not coming back up, I can get down without falling
  • Man….where is that face shield? I need to get this union hammered up. I know I am supposed to have a face shield on but I’ve got my safety glasses on.  What the heck, I’ll just get it done….nobody will know

LEVEL 2: Complies with Safety because he has to

  • Why do I have to fill out this Risk Assessment? Everyone knows the hazards of the job. Man…these rules are about to kill me.
  • Okay guys…here is the checklist for rigging up to run casing. Let’s get what’s on the list and get on with it.

LEVEL 3: Believes in Safety for self and family

  • When it comes to safety, it’s everybody for themselves. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get safely through the day and everyone else should do the same
  • You know, I have no problem with people talking to me about safety. Why is it that I have such a hard time talking to others about it.

LEVEL 4: Believes in Safety for self and family & actively encourages it in others

  • I just can’t stand by and watch somebody do something that I know is unsafe. I have to intervene.
  • Part of my job here is to train others; I don’t want to see anybody get hurt. I have no problem speaking up and helping those with less experience.
  • Did you guys see this safety alert? Let’s bring this up in our safety meeting so others know.