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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers.

As a Member, do I have access to all the courses?

There are three types of membership. The free membership allows you to buy courses, an annual membership or lifetime membership. The annual membership and lifetime membership both give you access to all the courses.

Do I have to finish a course in one sitting?

You can leave the course at any time and start again at the same place where you ended, however once you start a quiz you must continue otherwise you will have to start the quiz again, should you leave the quiz at any point.

When does my certificate expire?

All courses are valid for one year, except where stated. 

How are the Courses Simplified?

The Courses have quick quizzes after each lesson, the results of which are not recorded, The quizzes aim to test the readers understanding of the lessons. The final questions at the end of the course include many of the questions which have already be asked. Many of the questions also have tips or hints available to promote the correct answers. If a learner fails a course, they can repeat the same course as many times as they want.

Do All the Quizzes Count in the Final Result?

No. The quizzes which follow the lessons are not recorded and do not count towards the certificate. These quizzes are for gauging the learning process only. The final quiz at the end of each course is the important quiz which dictates whether the learner passes the course or not.

Who can buy multiple membership licenses?

Group leaders, or bulk buyers can purchases multiple memberships at once. This saves them the time and effort of having to make the purchase individually for a group of students and from having to re-enter their purchase information.

How do I create a group and assign group leaders?

When courses are purchased in bulk, a group is automatically created and the course buyer is set as the group leader. The group leader can add/remove students in the group and can track their course progress.

Can a group leader easily manage groups from the front end?

The group leader can manage students in the group right from the frontend, which means, backend access is not required. This saves them the trouble of having to deal with backend complexity and makes the Group Registration user-friendly.

What is the Root Cause Observation System?

RCOS is an observation system which looks at the root cause to observations. RCOS looks at the hazards, not the people. If a person observes an unsafe behavior, the question is why does the person behave in that way. What is the cause of the behavior? It may be human error it may also be because of lack of situational awareness or so many other things which impact the way in which a person behaves. RCOS looks at the direct cause, however the root cause is much more important when trying to improve conditions and behaviors.

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