Having a combined work experience in the Construction and Oil and Gas industries for over 70 years, we value Health Safety and the Environment, over everything else. Being able to go home every day better than what you came to work is one of the most valuable things one can wish for. In a world where millions are injured at work every year, through lack of awareness or knowledge, we value the opportunity to try and prevent this, by educating as many people as possible.


Our vision is simple, we have the opportunity to train as many people as possible in Health, Safety and Environmental aspects, which may help them go home even better than what they came to work. We intend to share our life long experiences and knowledge on the subjects which raises awareness of the hazards which can cause them harm.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote quality online training based on international standards of learning and stimulate our students in order to motivate them to complete the training, with maximum understanding and information retention. We also aim to make the online training affordable to all companies, no matter how big or small their budget, increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).

Education is in Our Blood

We strive to provide a quality product with the aim of consistently adding to the library of courses which helps us educate people in the workplace.  Training is what we do!

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We offer all our courses for a one time fee, enabling you to control your budget, however we also offer a lifetime membership offering you the opportunity to have access to an ever extending list of Health & Safety Training.

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